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  • SW10027.1
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商品情報 "Dart"









長さ: 152, 156, 160
接雪長: 1150
測定数値     長さ(cm) 152  (A) 156  (A) 160  (A)... mehr



長さ(cm) 152 (A) 156 (A) 160 (A)
有効エッジ(mm) 1160 (B) 1200 (B) 1230 (B)
接雪長(mm) 1030 1060 1090
ノース幅(mm) 308 (C) 324 (C) 328 (C)
ウエスト幅(mm) 259 (D) 269 (D) 278 (D)
テール幅(mm) 289 (E) 293 (E) 305 (E)
平均サイドカット半径(m) 8,1 8,2 8,6
セットバック(mm) 20 20 20
テーパー(mm) 19 31 23
推奨スタンス(cm) 55 55 55
適用スタンス範囲(cm) 50-64 50-63 50-64
ボード重量(kg) 2,7 3 3,1
フレックス(1-10) 7 7 7
浮力(1-10) 6 7 8
トップシート UV Lacquer UV Lacquer UV Lacquer
グラスファイバー Biaxial Biaxial Biaxial
コア材 Poplar Light Poplar Light Poplar Light
ベース素材 P-TEX 2000 Sintered P-TEX 2000 Sintered P-TEX 2000 Sintered
ベース構造 Classic Classic Classic
仕上げ Beltgrind Beltgrind Beltgrind
エッジ Metal Metal Metal
形状 Directional Directional Directional
スイッチライディング Challenging Challenging Challenging
ライダー体重(kg) 45 - 75 55 - 90 55 - 90
ブーツサイズ(EU) Up to ~ 43 Up to ~ 46 Up to ~ 49
キャンバー Float Camber Float Camber Float Camber




FLOAT CAMBER はノーズに向ってS字を描くようなロッカー形状をしています。これにより、深雪でも十分な浮力を得ることができ、スピードにのったターンが可能です。また、エアーを飛ぶ時にも優れた安定性と反応の良さを発揮します。









評価 7
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mind blowing

carves like a race board, can be playfull but just provokes you to ride it harder and harder, spectacular board.

would like to see a plus model for the dart 60

ps:picked it up myself, so really nice guys at the shop


Three words: POW CARVE FUN

Coming from riding normal stiffer boards for many years, I was lured by the promise of greatness and greatness it is! This board can do it all and is MEGA FUN. Playing around in powder, hyper carving on groomers or just have fun with it. The hard work that is needed by other boards is not needed for this one, I love my new Dart 156!


Killer board

Most powder boards out there are a bit on the softer side or/and often feature hybrid camber to rocker, which makes them great in powder, but they tend to suffer in stability when carving or just going mighty fast on groomers. And they're terribly pricey.
Which is why I was so hooked up when I saw this board and at this price! The board is exactly what Korua say it is - it's great in powder, but it's also a killer carver. The nose and tail keep it floating in the fluffy stuff just great, and the wide waist combined with camber and the stiff flex add up to fast and smooth carving joy.

This board has become my daily driver for non-park days. Combined with a park board, the Dart makes up a complete 2-board quiver.

My only complaint about the board is that the top sheet is pure white. Other queuers tend to hit it with their skis, boards and ski poles simply because they can't see the board on the snow. After just a few days of riding, the tail suffered multiple scratches and dents. I slapped stickers on it, which appears to have helped with the visibility, but I wish I didn't have to do that. Next season please make it more recognisable or add it to your Plus line since they're already black.

Thanks indeed!


Magical Board

Amazing board, one of the best I’ve ever ridden. It’s amazingly fast edge to edge and really does carve groomers exceptionally for such a wide powder board. It’s float is perfect for powder especially for my size at 225# n 6’4” frame on the 160. It’s super light n flexible but still holdS a great edge.


Smile machine on & off piste

A great master piece from the KORUA factory.
I love the response of the board, u can go crazy fast or playful in low speed.
Super in powder or on the slope. The look gives u some retro thoughts


Float On!

Absolutely brilliant! Korua hit the bullseye with the DART!

I've been riding the Dart for over a year now, and this board continues to impress. Weighing 190lbs, I was concerned with going with the 156cm Dart. Not any more! This board absolutely floats when the days are deep! Oh and wait, it carves like a hot knife. Perfectly groomed slopes and spring chop no longer stand a chance.

Thanks fellas for putting out such a great product! Can you make it a split?


Surfy - Turny - Incredible

Fährt im Powder wie ein Schienenfahrzeug.
Ist auf der Piste eine Carving-Maschine.
Extrem wendig im Wald.
BTW: Absolut jeder spricht dich auf das geile Board an.